• Your life is not to be defined by what other people make of it.
• If someone hurts you, it is because they have sick minds, not because of any fault of yours.
• You have a beautiful life ahead of you, it is not to be defined by sick minds.
• Living well is the best gift you can give yourself. Push yourself to do so until it becomes a habit.
• To start with, read books on self help, listen to music, watch movies that inspire you.
• Take care to avoid triggers that remind you of the occasion or pain till you are stronger. Any music, place or people that trigger off memories of the past is to be avoided for a while.
• Get help. Reach out, If there are people taunting or threatening you. People who threaten you are cowards who feed on your fear. The moment you break free of that fear, the perpetrator loses their control over you.
• Push yourself into doing things you love and are passionate about.
• Empower yourself with survivor stories, positive thoughts, law and self help books. Also pamper yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to make yourself strong.
• Good music, travel, books, writing, for different people it is different paths. Find your own and move forward.
• Just as we go to the doctor if our body is unwell, we need to seek support if our minds needs it. Do seek counselling support if you need to.
• It takes strength to become a survivor.
• You are strength, you are powerful

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