Helping to heal post sexual violence


• Keep reinforcing the fact that it was not their fault.
• Be there for them whenever they need support.
• Different people have different reactions to trauma, some react, some internalize, some deny. Do not judge them.
• Understand that withdrawal, anger, self harm outbursts, wanting to repeatedly talk about the assault are all a part of the process of healing. The victim is trying to make sense of what happened.
• Make sure they get enough sleep and food.
• Encourage them to go for counseling.
• Get them survivor stories, information on what they are going through.
• Encourage each positive step they take.
• Show them good things to look forward to. Music, nature, books, friends.
• Strengthen their belief in themselves. Reinforce their strengths.
• Help them stay positive.
• Be Patient.
• Empower them.
• Get them professional help, if needed.

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