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Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse or child molestation is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation. It can occur in many.

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Violence Against Women

The women in our society face different forms of violence against them due to the economic and social disparity among men and women.

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Cyber Abuse

Abuse by predators online who make use of social networking sites and communication tools are on the rise. Staying safe is important.

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There are multiple NGOs agencies and groups that are dedicated to helping you in issues ranging from child abuse, online abuse and violence against abuse.

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Bodhini is a movement against child abuse and violence against women. Started in 2014 under Bodhini Metropolis Trust it deals with education, assistance, and rehabilitation activities related to child abuse and violence against women.

It acts as an aggregation helpline service for other organizations where the public can reach out for help and guidance. Closely working with government agencies and other NGOs Bodhini provides a platform for psychological, medical and personal care and rehabilitation of victims, preventive training for school students and act as an link between different agencies.

It recognizes the importance of policy change and social change and strives towards the same. Cyber crime is another major area if concern for Bodhini and issues are handled with great care and assistance is provided to victims.

  • who get sexual messages online

  • who face harrasment

What we do

Let our actions speak
School Sessions
We train the future generations to be better citizens.
We believe that training the kids to be responsible and act responsibly in face of abuse and danger is the best way to protect them. Additionally we train them to take care and support their peers.
Medical Support
Medical care for children in need
We provide medical support to kids in shelter homes. Good health care vital for proper rehabilitation of victims.
Education & Training
Rehabilitation through education and skill training
We make sure the kids in our care get the best education and career guidance. Only through this can we make sure they build a bright future.
A single window support for people who need it
Using our helplines and network of dedicated volunteers we make sure you have help at your arms reach. We are a single window support desk where we connect them with the necessary support systems.

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