The power to create magic rests within..

On some days when it’s difficult to focus, it helps to take a little external help in getting things moving. The feeling of uncertainty is not a comfortable space for anyone, but nobody says we have to stay there. Hope this helps to carve out the start of new beginnings. With love and in healing 💞.

Towards a new earth-together.

Towards New Beginnings
Be positive and tell yourself every moment is a fresh beginning.
Take small steps forward.
● Write down your present schedule for the day.
● Sit back and think whether you are comfortable with it.
● If not, think of the areas that you would like to change or give more importance to.
● Write down the changes that you want, within yourself and to your surroundings.
● Prioritize and organize in different slots, based on the tasks on hand for the day.
● Remember to schedule time for yourself – “Me Time”.
● Plan a menu and related shopping list for the week {include all members of the family}.
● Schedule tasks for your children- study time, time to play, watch TV/gadgets and remember to include chores around the house as well.
● Try to keep within the schedule you have chartered.
● Be gentle with yourself, Rome was not built in a day.

● Try to keep within the schedule you have chartered.
● Do not focus on or stress about anything or anyone you have no control over.
● Take a moment and breathe, when you feel you have hit a road block in your progress forward.
● Give importance to Self-Care.
● Communication is essential, reach out if necessary.
● Keep a journal for your thoughts, if need be.
● Put aside gadgets, when you feel anxious or disturbed.
● Keep a job diary/list, with a to do list and strike out as you finish the tasks in the list, add on as you go forward.


● Self-care is a priority that cannot be put aside.
● Sleep at the same time every night, see that you get at least 7 hours sleep.
● A power nap during the middle of the day can also ease any tension out.
● Spend some time in silence, do some breathing exercises, meditate.
● Eat a healthy snack.
● Relax in nature, listen to music, take up a hobby, play with your pets, or do some gardening.
● Have a ‘Family time’, keeping gadgets aside.
● Spend quality time with friends and family.
● Do not hesitate to reach out to professionals if you think you need more help.