Coping with death of a loved one



  • Let your loved one go in peace, knowing that you have given your best.
  • Express emotions; do not hold feelings inside.
  • You may feel sad, helpless and anxious at what transpired.
  • Do not blame yourself.
  • You may have had to make choices that was for the best.
  • Accept what you are going through.
  • Do not downplay your emotions but do not over think those moments too.
  • It is important that you take care of yourself and give yourself time to heal.
  • Get adequate rest, food and stay hydrated.
  • Take support, turn to music, meditation etc and to the postive things in life.
  • Do not turn to alcohol or substance abuse.
  • Please do reach out for appropriate support in case you face trauma related distress.
  • Envision a future without the deceased.
  • Strengthen other relationships.
  • Be at peace with the narrative story of death – don’t let it be one of sadness and guilt.
  • Move forwards with good and healthy memories of the beloved.
  • Now gift yourself the power of healing.

With inputs from Dr. CJ John

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