Towards a safer world- together

  1. Don’t play the blame game. Don’t bring in negativity into your spaces.
  2. Fight the pandemic, physically and at an emotional level.
  3. Keep in mind that good healthcare facilities are available to support you.
  4. Stay hydrated, rest and eat well.
  5. Stick to continuing safe practices even after the fever, until the government declares an all clear.
  6. Trust that we will get over it together, to better times ahead.
  7. Accept that pandemic is here for a while, and will cause/require lifestyle changes from all of us.
  8. Stay away from negativity, especially overdose of non helpful information on pandemic.
  9. Turn to music, books, creativity, humour, bonding to see you through.
  10. Understand that each of us will react to the present scenario in different ways, that it is okay to be anxious.
  11. Focus on what you can change and make short term plans first as it could be difficult to make long term plans when there’s uncertainty. As you go, make changes when there’s clarity.
  12. Count the blessings we have.
  13. Understand that there might be friction, and anger issues, but that you can change your mindset to deal with things in a better way.
  14. Staying positive and working together will get all of us in better spaces sooner.
  15. Plan for ways forward, with regards to lifestyle, family, finances and work keeping in mind the possibilities and eventualities

Reach out for support if needed.
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Towards a new earth – together

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