Precautions in the way forward.
Why do we need to continue with precautions –
The pandemic will be around until a vaccine is developed, so we need to be careful.

  • It spreads from another person if they have covid, as droplets when they speak or sneeze. It can linger in the air for sometime.
  • It can also spread if the infected person touches something and you touch the same thing and you touch your nose, mouth or eyes immediately after.
  • The virus does remain on surfaces from 1 hour upto 72 hours. But chances of trasmission depends on the viral load.
  • Some people having Virus show no symptoms,but they could be carriers of the virus.

What are the four basic steps we need to be careful about –

  • Wear masks when outside.
  • Don’t bring your hands to your face until they have been washed well.
  • Maintain physical distances of at least three feet between individuals.
  • Disinfect and be careful about commonly handled spaces.

For workspaces.-

  • Have a covid team and coordinator.
  • Prepare your own route maps and guidelines for staff and outsiders.
  • Keep updating the guidelines.
  • Make the staff understand why it’s important that each of them follow the guidelines strictly.
  • Thermal temperature screening for staff and customers.
  • If any staff are sick ,they are not to come in for duty. They should contact their doctor or healthcare facility for further advise.
  • Hand washing facilities for staff and clients/ customers.
  • Masks for customers and employees.
  • 3 feet physical distancing even at lunch hour.
  • Space customer seating.
  • Rules for customers and staff to be printed.
  • Each staff to be assigned roles of disinfecting a portion of their space.
  • All outside packages are to be kept apart for 72 hours or if used immediately, the wrappers are to be disposed off in seperate containers.
  • Hand washing in between all these tasks to be made mandatory.
  • Disinfect common areas that are touched like elevator buttons,sinks, sanitizer bottle tops, railings, chairs, shared phones, toilet flush, keyboards, water dispenser taps and use them to the minimum.( Make your own list ).
  • Consider that you are carrying the virus in your hands and clothes and wash and handle them accordingly.
  • Consider that the person next to you has a virus so maintain a distance of 3 feet accordingly.
  • When they reach home, they have to have a basket to put their things in just inside the door. Their slippers, bag, phone and other material have to go into the basket.
  • After they bathe put their clothes for wash seperately.
  • Disinfect the things in the basket if they have to bring it in.
  • Wash their hands again and only then interact with family members.
  • If possible, keep a bag with basic things needed only for outside use.
  • Make sure you have some kind of sanitizer/disinfectant when you travel.
  • Take care about using your phone after touching public spaces. It is a good source to transfer virus unknowingly.

Most importantly,
Address your staff’s fears about the pandemic. That they should not follow unnecessary videos and messages and panic. That we can do this ‘together’.
For any further clarification- check out reliable sites like CDC, WHO or government sites.
Have any questions – write in to