The one crucial ingredient we have that we take for granted in combating stress and health issues is sleep.
We shouldn’t underestimate the damage that lack of sleep does in creating health issues.
For those facing sleep issues, it’s a vicious cycle which will lead to burnout if you aren’t careful.
Some solutions to fix sleep issues.
1. Go to bed and wake up at a fixed time everyday.
2. Keep the room cooler than your body temperature.
3. Consume enough liquids to stay hydrated.
4. Switch off gadgets an hour before bedtime.
If you have to use them, use apps like f.lux or twilight(or in dark mode ) to reduce the blue light emission.
5. Switch off lights or wear eye masks.
The darkness helps in the production of sleep hormone melatonin.
6. Have a wind down routine one hour before sleeping.( Like relaxation techniques, listening to calming music etc).
7. If you are anxious about the next day’s issues, jot it down on a to-do note,so that you don’t think about it till the next day.
8. If you can’t sleep, get out of bed and do something until you feel sleepy. Go back to bed only when you feel sleepy.
9. Avoid nicotine, caffeine or alcohol close to bed time.
10. Avoid strenuous physical or mental exertion close to bed time.
11. Eat an adequate dinner.
12. Avoid checking time when trying to sleep.
13. Avoid stressing too much about sleep.
Let’s use this superpower to be our strength.
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