Setting up a home office workspace.


*Set a routine/ schedule as if you were going to work.
*Select a designated space based on your needs.
*Declutter/ Rearrange to suit your needs.
*Create a home office ambience.
*Use proper lighting.
*Minimize media and discussions on Covid during work hours.
*Plan ways forward.
*Accept and manage interruptions:Explain to children why and how you need to be online and working.
*Use noise cancellation headphones if there is too much noise around.
*Make sure of a good net connection and uninterrupted electricity.
* Make sure your office files are well protected with the right security.
* Make sure you handle work at home like you would at the office,with confidentiality.
* When in doubt ,ask
*Connect to senior/boss online for a ten minute review call.
*Connect with colleagues online in social spaces ( praise for goal/celebrate).
*Take water / tea breaks to connect ,online and offline.
*If partner is also working,share work timings and responsibilities.
*Download mindfulness app. *Download soothing screensavers.
*Inject humour into workspace.
*Log off at proper timing.
*Share resource information.
*Reach out for support if anxious.
* If colleagues seem stressed, empathize and support them
* Drink lots of water and get at least half an hour of exercise.
*Stay positive.
*Know that this will pass on to better spaces soon.

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