Healthcare workers all over the world fighting this pandemic are facing two grave problems. One is the high risk of contracting the illness and other is extreme stress and burnout. With few resources and limited number of staff, the demand on the healthcare is tremendous and they are falling prey to immense stress.
Hence a word to all the heroes, who are out there fighting this crisis to the best of their ability. Kindly stop for a moment, spend a minute or two on yourself and proceed. Because your health and wellbeing is as important as a patients’, especially at times like this.
Responding to COVID-19 can take an emotional toll on you. Some Tips for self-care:
* Take proper precautions at all times.
* Focus on what’s in your control.
*Accept that the numbers will increase.
* Accept that you have limitations and that you are doing your best.
*Try to take breaks in between your shift in turns. It is important to remind yourself that it is not selfish to take breaks. Or else you will end up feeling extremely exhausted and overwhelmed and it will affect your productivity.
• If you will be traveling or working long hours during a response, explain this to loved ones who may want to contact you. Come up with ways you may be able to communicate with them. Keep their expectations realistic, and take the pressure off yourself.
• Work in teams and limit amount of time working alone. Have a colleague/team mate to check on you and help you wind down.
• Talk to family, friends, supervisors, and teammates about your feelings and experiences.
• Practice breathing and relaxation techniques.
• Maintain a healthy diet
• Get adequate sleep and exercise. Have proper food, Lot’s of water
• Avoid or limit caffeine and use of alcohol.
*Breathe, relax, it’s just a matter of weeks.
* Acknowledge your feelings. You might feel frustrated, sad and angry. Recognize these signs in yourself and others and take help at the right time.
* Reach out for support when you need it.
* Stay informed and updated from proper sources.
* Have a practical route map with alternatives and be prepared for eventualities.
* Try and focus on positives.
* Take precautions with contact with your family