For healthcare and other personnel who’ve handled Pandemic deaths


For healthcare and other personnel who’ve handled pandemic deaths.
Let the patient go in peace, knowing that you have given your best.
Do not blame yourself.
You are as human as the rest of us.
You may feel sad, helpless and anxious at what transpired.
You had to make choices that was for the best.
Do not downplay your emotions but do not over think those moments too.
You are hurt as any warrior would be.
You need to make time to heal and for self care.
Sleep, eat well, stay hydrated. Take care of YOU.
Take support, turn to music, meditation and to the positive things in life.
Do not turn to alcohol or substance abuse.
You might face secondary trauma or PTSD.
Please do reach out for appropriate support.
You have saved the rest of the world by helping to contain the threat.
Now gift yourself the power of healing.
With gratitude, the global community.🙏🏻

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