Impact of pornography addiction on children

Because I don’t want my children or anybody’s children:

  • Growing up to think that rape/gang rape/distorted/violent views on sex is normal.
  • Struggle because of the change in brain patterns the addiction creates.
  • Have every relationship in their lives be spoilt by dehumanising people – seeing them as sex objects and not as a full person who deserves your respect and care.
  • Not understand that what they see is recreated scenes like in movies with cuts and takes.
  • Attempting to act it out thinking it’s real, but in reality it’s as fabricated and unreal as any superhero movie. Acting it out may put you in danger. Same is the case with pornography.
  • That relationships are defined by sex and miss out on the gifts of emotions and love.
  • Actors in pornography videos are not always acting in these with a free will. Some of them are there because of their circumstances and some because they are forced into it. As a result of having to go through these acts, which are at times, degrading, most of them are struggling with severe mental health issues.

I know of children who are struggling to come out of this. It is not something any child should be watching. Pornography addiction in children is as dangerous as drugs. It has led to deaths of small children in some instances of child on child sex.

Helping them cope 
Teach them to let you know if someone is showing them porn or if they see porn pop-ups on their gadgets. Teach them to shut it down.
Stand with them, without judging them. Help them move on to a beautiful life ahead.

Children should be taught that anything that is created as a result of someone else’s pain and often, humiliation, are never good though they are portrayed otherwise.

Teach your children that people and relationships are to be treasured and anything that dehumanises humanity can never be a good thing.

Some findings by international organisations
• Porn has become normalized for young people and they think access to porn is too easy.
• Young people are curious about sex, and porn is a default learning tool.
• Yes, girls watch porn too (for similar reasons as boys), but they see a double standard.
• Porn can have a negative impact on body confidence.
• Most young people aren’t worried about the amount of porn they watch.
• Young people think porn can negatively influence sex.
• Young people and adults are not talking about porn.
• Young people think the way adults talk about porn needs to change.
• Young people want information about porn to be part of sexuality education in schools.
How to talk to children about pornography
Explain the consequences to them.
How to quit pornography and other resources.