Stress busters


Stress manifests into lifestyle diseases and sometimes into critical situations.
Let’s look at some ways to prevent or lessen the stress within.

    • Exercise/walk regularly
    • Eat healthy balanced meals
    • Drink lots of water
    • Get proper hours of sleep
    • Focus on BREATHING/relaxing
    • Get Organized with a fixed routine
    • Manage your time
    • Keep a stress diary
    • Talk to someone
    • Learn to say ‘NO’/draw boundaries to what is not helping
    • Be assertive instead of aggressive
    • Use Humour to break the stress chain
    • Think of alternatives to present troubling situation
    • Listen to music
    • Play with pets
    • Create Art work
    • Heal with nature
    • Take up gardening/farming
    • Break your gadget/social media/binge watching addiction.
    • Take time out for self- in silences
    • Block out negativity
    • Keep a positive attitude
    • Focus on what is in your control
    • Take one step at a time
    • Take time out for self care
    • Do not rely on alcohol or drugs
    • Create online wellness and digital wellbeing spaces
    • Use the gadget, don’t let the gadget take over your life.
    • Use your time productively. Block unnecessary apps/channels/media that are non productive in the gadget.
    • There is a lot of false news circulating, some of which are designed to create issues. Ignore and don’t share such information.
    • Reach out to help someone.
    • If you find the pressure too much to cope, reach out for support/professional help.

For more information on dealing with stress, do check out nutshell in a therapy on you tube, mindfulness apps, our posters and blog on digital wellbeing and our work life presentation on the website-

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