Stable marriages


Creating a stable base, for a good marriage

  • Love, trust and understanding.
  • Give each other personal space.
  • Gratitude should be your attitude. Appreciate each other.
  • Give the couple time to get to know each other without too much family interference.
  • Couples have to be equally patient and forgiving with each other.
  • Spend quality time with each other as much as possible.
  • Be supportive and encouraging of each others interests.
  • Sexual faithfulness.
  • Refrain from holding an attitude of superiority over your partner which creates resentments.
  • Healthy open communication, not just about daily life but also your mind and heart.
  • Equal partnership in decision making.

It is important for us to be in emotionally stable places when we work at making relationships work.
When you are in emotionally intelligent spaces,it also gives you an insight into your needs regarding the relationship. It is very often easy to struggle when you are not in touch with yourself.
For Emotional Quotient in making relationships work 

  • Assertive communication- Don’t keep things bottled up inside. Speak,but from a stable space.
  • Respond instead of reacting – Take a moment. Don’t react from a space of strong emotions.
  • Practice Empathy – understand where they are coming from.
  • Active listening .
  • Create a positive environment.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Have fun.
  • Provide support.
  • Express positive emotions.

The relationship is not one sided. The onus is on both partners to make it work.
From emotionally balanced spaces,we are able to make it work better.
Saving a shaky marriage

  • Choose love and understanding. Give your relationship priority and be patient.
  • Have a positive and healthy support system.
  • Never compare your relationship to others.
  • Put your relationship ahead of everything during difficult times, including your career. Address major issues without putting it off for later.
  • Stop taking each other for granted.
  • Refrain from personalizing arguments and drawing names of dear ones or parents into it.
  • Do not drag other people into your arguments. Simple differences that can be sorted out turn into nasty fights with interference from other people.
  • Never bring your past into your present.
  • However grave your situation or argument, please refrain from emotional and physical abuse.
  • Please don’t resort to substance abuse or romantic interests as a get away from your issues.
  • Focus on each other’s positives rather than negatives.

With honesty and trust, commitment and communication, love and understanding, a beautiful and lasting relationship will be born. Marriages thrive when both partners feel safe and secure. And if all else fails, please reach out for counselling before considering separation.

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