Once you understand that your computer /mobile device has under a cyber attack /crime:
1. Avoid using the device anymore. Using the device or opening any application, file, or picture on the device may cause memory getting overwritten and thus losing evidence
2. Do Not delete any documents /evidence.
3. Discuss with family members and decide whether to file a police complaint or not.
4. Till expert assistance from law Enforcement is available.
a. Ensure that the device is securely held and not left unattended.
b. Do not insert/remove or replace any SIM or storage media.
c. Do not copy anything to or from the device.
5. Share Access PIN/password pattern of the device to Law Enforcement only.
6. Do not trust anyone without forensics training :Only a certified Forensics expert should be allowed to investigate or view the files on the original device. Untrained person may cause the deletion of data or evidence.

Article By
Sebastian Edassery