Moving on to beautiful spaces after heartbreak.


Some relationships don’t work out because people have different mindsets. Some are toxic and some are just not in the right space and time. As difficult as it may seem at that point, looking back it should be a beautiful memory or learning that took you to more beautiful spaces ahead.

  •  Accept the situation. Acceptance is the first step towards healing.
  •  Accept that this chapter of your life has closed and tell yourself that you have better things waiting, as you move on.
  •  Do not engage in wishful thinking of getting back together or thoughts of getting back at them.
  •  Do not stalk your partner and stop following them on social media.
  •  Cut off all ties if the relationship has been toxic.
  •  Put away reminders of your ex, such as photos and personal objects that is getting in the way of moving on.
  •  Try not to find out whereabouts of your ex-partner through common friends or other platforms.
  •  Take a safe space for yourself. Distancing from the ex-partner will help you in the process of healing.
  •  Don’t try to interpret what went wrong and find solutions beyond a point. Maintain your self respect and move on.
  •  Grieving, closure, healing,
    looking forward to new beginnings, will take you forwards in life. It’s a process. But you can do it.
  •  Let the process of closure happen, so that you can move on to better things, waiting ahead for you.
  •  Spend some quality time with close friends and family members.
  •  Do not try to suppress your feelings. Open up to a close friend or family member.
  •  Keep yourself busy, but do not exert yourself too much either.
  •  Take up a hobby, a new activity or attend a workshop of your choice.
  •  Focus on yourself. Engage in self care. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself.
  •  It will be a good idea to not go into another relationship immediately. Give yourself the time and space necessary for it.
  •  Hope, freedom, happiness. Find them in things you are passionate about.
  •  Forgive your ex partner if possible so that you can move on freely. This is a huge ask of yourself but ,’To err is human, to forgive divine.’
  •  Reach out to help others who could be struggling and would really appreciate your help.

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