Precautions and tips for Management
• Do not organize any events in the community in this period.
• Shut down Gym, Swimming pool and other commonly used amenities. Lot of communities have already done this.
• Provide masks and hand sanitizers to the security guards and other society staff
• Avoid using biometrics for access till the situation is under control. This will help in reducing the spread.
• You may want to stop the delivery executives at the gate and ask the residents to collect the parcels from the gate or have security collect it which can later be handed over to residents Know more about ‘Collect Parcel at Gate’ feature of MyGate to streamline this process.
• Ask the car cleaners to stop coming to work for a few days. They also need to maintain social distance for their own selves.
• Ask society staff (e.g. electrician, plumbers) to not roam around in the community. They should be restricted to the estate Managers office once their designated job is complete.
• Ask staff members to “work from home” or be on paid off who are not required to be physically present at the community office
• Have adequate funds to increase the frequency of cleaning of common areas especially lifts.
• Handover extra soap or soap strips to all society staff and advise them to frequently wash their hands
• Track the people who are back from travel (domestic or international). Advise them to self quarantine for 14 days. Take the help of security guards to get such information.
• Buy a infrared thermometer and have daily check of all staff members
• Create an Emergency Response Team (ERT) within the community consisting of residents, committee members and key society staff members.
Precautions & Tips for Residents
General Precautions
• Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.
• Disinfect your main door knobs/handles and calling bell switches frequently.
• If you have to step out of the house for supplies, once back the first thing to do is thoroughly clean your hands and change the clothes immediately.
• If you have travelled either domestic and international, Please quarantine yourself for 14 days.
• Don’t stress yourself.
• It is the moral responsibility of each resident as responsible citizen to protect themselves and self disclose or report if there is any suspect case of infection.
• Precautions using shared resources
• Avoid all social interactions in the community.
• Do not use lifts. Use stairs to the extent possible.
• Do not use public transport such as cabs, metros, buses, etc and carpool with strangers. Do not use the gym, Children playing areas, swimming pools or other common amenities.
• Help senior citizens, who are staying alone to managing their rations.
• Do not use play areas or let children play outside as they could come in contact with someone who is infected.
• Educate your domestic helps on the sensitivity around the issue and the precautions that need to be taken at their homes.
Precautions at home
• Maintain emergency contact list.
• Say no to gatherings at home.
• Entertain kids at home and have enough board games and books to keep them occupied.
• This is a bit difficult, but important. Try to do your household chores on your own. Give offs to your Maid, Nanny and cook for the next 15 days.
• If someone is in quarantine in your home, do not let other family members walk around outside in common areas.
• If you are in quarantine please isolate yourself in a room. Have all your supplies and food delivered outside your door. Do not come in contact with anyone else at home. Keep your trash separate.
• If u choose food/provisions delivery please dispose wrapping and wash and sanitize hands and surface.