Heart attack is a major cause of death globally. There is an increase in incidence of heart attacks in young adults. Early medical attention helps in saving lives and preventing other complications.
As maximum death occurs in the first one hour of symptoms, it is important to recognise symptoms early and seek medical attention.
Seek emergency medical help if you have any of the following symptoms.
1. Discomfort, heaviness or pain in chest especially in the centre of the chest, lasting for a few minutes
2. Sometimes Discomfort, tightness or pain in the chest may radiate to jaw, shoulder, neck, arms, back or upper abdomen
3. Heartburn which comes on and off especially after heavy meals
4. Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
5. Sometimes vague symptoms like fatigue, dizziness and unusual sweating can be present with chest discomfort
Women are more likely to experience symptoms like shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and back or jaw pain instead of typical chest pain.
The following lifestyle changes are useful to prevent heart attacks or cardiovascular diseases in general.
I. Control blood pressure.
II.Keep the blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control.
III.Keep a healthy and balanced diet.
IV. Be physically active. Exercise regularly.
V. Maintain a healthy body weight.
VI. Refrain from tobacco.
VII. Limit consumption of alcohol.
VIII. Manage stress.
Keeping a healthy lifestyle, knowing the symptoms and seeking emergency care at the earliest can substantially reduce mortality and morbidity.
Dr. Jayakumar. B,
DM DNB( Cardiology),