1. Why is the new mutant of the virus more dangerous?

-It is faster. It spreads faster than the first Corona virus.

2. Do vaccines help with fighting this mutant virus?

-Yes they do.

3. Are there chances I might get the virus after vaccination?

-Yes, there is a possiblility you could catch the virus even after vaccination.

4. If there is a chance of catching the virus after I vaccinate, why should I take the vaccine ?

-If at all you get the virus after vaccination, the effect will be nil or mild. The vaccination will keep you safe from severe complications.

5. Why should I mask up and follow precautions after vaccination?

-One, you could catch the virus and
Two, more importantly, you could infect somebody else.

6. Can I have the virus and not show symptoms?

-Yes, you could.
Which is why you need to mask up. To protect yourself and others( your loved ones). Double masking or N95 is advisable.

7. When do I need to think of hospitalisation?

– If symptoms persist, with the advice of healthcare personnel, reach out to hospitals.

8. Is there a need to panic?

-There is no need to panic. Only a small percentage will need serious intervention.

9. What is the one thing I shouldn’t do if I am positive?

-Do not self medicate.

10 . Do I need to be careful after vaccination.

-For two to three weeks after the vaccination ,continue to follow the same precautions taken prior to the vaccintion.

11) How do I deal with panic?

-Acknowledge the emotions and reach out for support.
Follow only reliable sources of information ,not stories.

Reassure yourself that we will get over this soon.

What else do I need to know –

The virus Mutates when it gets to spread.
It can spread/ live only with the help of a human body. Else it will die.

Do not overcrowd healthcare facilities if you have only mild symptoms.

You can take treatment from home provided you follow the advise of a doctor.
Looking after your mental health and stress levels are also important.

Self care,sleep,good diet,staying hydrated is important along with exercise or yoga…

If the spread is more ,mutants will also be more.

Maintain one metre physical distances if and when you have to remove your mask. For eg, while eating or when showing your face for identification purposes etc.

Do not talk with your mask off.

Even if you are awaiting your Covid test results, do not hesitate to take safety measures like isolating yourselves from others.

Looking after your mental health and stress levels are also important. Acknowledge your emotions and deal with them.