Keeping our children safe
If your children show

  • Sudden behavioral changes, signs of fear, mood changes, panic attacks, are quiet, want to be left alone or are too clingy – anything unusual.
  • Are scared or angry to be around certain people or places.
  • Have pain in their private parts, complain of any form of discomfort or wash themselves frequently.
  • Have frequent unexplained lack of appetite, stomach ache, headache and fatigue

These could be symptoms of Abuse.
Teach children
To Say “NO”

  • To run away from the person causing this discomfort and to tell people they trust, if someone touches them in their private parts.
  • To never feel ashamed, guilty or sad, if someone has touched them inappropriately. They are not at fault and will not be blamed.
  • To not let anyone touch their private parts, and not to touch anyone else’s private parts. That their parents may bathe them till a certain age, only if they are comfortable.
    That it’s Safe for a doctor to check them in the presence of the guardian/parent.
  • To not give in to threats, or to listen to anyone who makes them uncomfortable.
  • To not keep secrets that make them uncomfortable or frightened.
  • To reach out to trusted people if they feel scared.
  • To stay away from any friend /family member or stranger, who wants to show them any video, picture or movie that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • That the world is a beautiful place and to not let fear define their life.